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Town Hall Meetings

Did you miss our Town Hall Meetings for new students? Check out a video of our most fun and informative one here:


Lunch and Learn Schedule - New Students & Parents

College of Engineering Q&A Sessions - if you wish to join by phone, you can find your local number here: Meeting IDs & Passwords found below. 

***PLEASE NOTE: Some links, IDs, and Passwords below may be the same for several dates listed***

    Did you miss a Lunch and Learn meeting? Are they held at a time you aren't available? No worries; we recorded the best ones! You can view them on YouTube by clicking on the links below:

Held on 5/29/2020:

Held on 7/10/2020: Featuring Jammal Cooks, Residence Education Coordinator for the Engineering Freshman Learning Community at Hawthorn Hall!

Held on 7/31/2020: