2-Year Curriculum

The core Leadership Academy curriculum is delivered through off-campus, weekend retreats at no cost to participants.  Three of the four retreats address key leadership topics through hands-on activities and discussions led by college faculty, corporate guests, and program alumni.  A fourth retreat is provided by FRAMATONE, one of the Leadership Academy corporate sponsors, at the UNC Charlotte's Campus.  Students participate in one retreat during their first fall semester, two retreats in the following spring semester, and a retreat in the second fall semester.  Retreats begin on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday afternoon.  All travel, lodging and food expenses are covered by the academy.

Students dedicate the bulk of their third and fourth semesters of participation to creating and implementing a Capstone Community Leadership Service Project.  The project offers students an experiential way to apply what they have learned through the academy and to contribute to their local communities.

In addition to retreats and the service project, the academy sponsors various other activities during the academic year.  These events include, but are not limited to, motivational dinners, etiquette dinners, social networking workshops and presentations by industry professionals.

Example Leadership Academy Calendar

Year One


  • Module 1: Introduction to Leadership


  • Module 2: J. Addison Bell, Exploring Ethics and Values
  • Professional Development Event or Etiquette Dinner
  • Module 3: Crucial Conversations

Year Two


  • Module 4: Strategic Planning for Life
  • Capstone Mentoring Event


  • Etiquette Event or Professional Development Event
  • Module 5: Serving the World Around You
  • Capstone Showcase and Graduation Event