About the FLC

The College of Engineering Learning Community (FLC)offers students a unique opportunity for successfully completing their College of Engineering degree. With the challenges of the rigorous curriculum, the first year of college can be very demanding. Therefore, students learn what it takes to achieve excellence with the support of a tight-knit community of persevering peers who share common goals and interests.

The Engineering FLC is open to all traditional freshmen who have been accepted to theLee College of Engineering. It is a residential program.Students accepted to the FLC live in Hawthorn Hall for two semesters (fall and spring).

The FLC offers suite living in Hawthorn Hall. Each 4-person suite has two bedrooms, a bathroom and living room.The basement has a laundry room, game room/TV area, and a full-size classroom. During Summer 2016 and Summer 2017, Hawthorn Hall underwent renovations of all student rooms and throughout the building.

The FLC supports students' success by offering programming targeted to three key areas:

  • Learning about the profession
    • Developing the skills it takes to be a successful College of Engineering student
    • Building a sense of community

    Activities and field trips specifically geared to the young men and women of the FLC are available and encouraged. Tutoring is available for most common courses in the FLC several nights a week free of charge! Examples of activities include:

    • ENGR 0600 Seminar Course for FLC members with weekly guest speakers
    • Field trips to engineering related sites
    • Women's Life Takes Engineering with Strong Women's Luncheon hosted by local engineering companies
    • Creativity Lab in the basement of Hawthorn Hall with 3D printers and community design challenges
    • University Center for Academic Excellence workshop on study skills
    • Utilizing a Job Fair workshop hosted by the University Career Center
    • Gingerbread House Competition judged by College of Engineering alumni
    • Over 40 hours of free tutoring per week

    College of Engineering Freshman Learning Community