1. Complete the Housing application
  2. Complete the Learning Community Application
  3. If accepted, an offer will be made to you through the application system. You must go back into the LC portal to accept the offer to reserve your bed.
  4. To request a specific roommate, both parties must complete and submit a Roommate Request form by June 1st.

Yes. Completing only a Housing Contract is your lease agreement to live in the residence hall. The FLC application is for the Learning Community program covers the program activities. Students submitting a FLC application without a Housing Contract will not be considered for the FLC.

We will begin accepting applications for the next school year on January 12th. There are a limited number of beds available in the residence hall, so please apply as soon as you commit to attend UNC Charlotte. Beds are awarded on a 1st come-1st serve basis. After July 1st applications will no longer be accepted.

All 220 beds in Hawthorn Hall are devoted to the Engineering FLC.

Hawthorn Hall is reserved for the College of Engineering Freshman Learning Community. The only way to be assigned to Hawthorn is by being accepted into the College of Engineering Freshman Learning Community Application. When completing the Housing application choose another Housing option as your backup housing plan. Once accepted into the FLC you will be assigned to Hawthorn Hall.

The Engineering FLC is an active residence hall and out of respect for our students' privacy, we limit tours. Tours will be available during Admitted Students Day events that the College of Engineering is participating in.

Each room in Hawthorn houses FOUR students. All rooms are suites.  No single rooms are available in Hawthorn Hall.

Yes! Please complete the roommate request form and mail it or email it as soon as possible. It is important that roommates request each other. Without mutual requests, the roommate request is not complete and will not be considered. Roommate requests will be accepted January 5th through June 1st.

Accept your offer to make it official. Complete the New Student Checklist.  See you at SOAR!