The Office of Student Development and Success (OSDS) helps students develop a passion and sense of pride for their Lee College of Engineering education and chosen profession by becoming self-motivated and independent learners, problem solvers, and professionals.

Students are engaged in a variety of hands-on learning in and out of class throughout their four-year experience.

  • The residential Freshman Learning Community and WE Engage! and Engage ME! programs provide unique and exciting opportunities for students to learn together and build long-lasting friendships.
  • Peer-coaching and Supplemental Instruction offered through the MAPS Program help students develop and apply academic success strategies.
  • Design courses allow students to build and test their designs to see if they meet specifications and to learn from failure analysis.
  • Networking opportunities with employers and alumni help students develop and apply professional and leadership skills.

The Industrial Solutions Laboratory (ISL) partners with local companies to bring industry projects to the two-semester Senior Design program. The projects simulate real-world practice as students manage budgets, deadlines, and conflicting constraints to provide a solution that meets the needs of the company. Students learn design skills beginning in the freshman Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1201) and Introduction to Engineering Technology (ETGR 1201) courses. These skills are honed in sophomore and junior design courses in preparation for Senior Design.

All OSDS faculty worked as practicing engineers and engineering leaders. Many are registered Professional Engineers in one or more states. They bring real-world experience and perspective to the classroom and to all of their student interactions. They are also academic advisors, Senior Design project mentors, and directors of student support programs.