Supplemental Instruction

SI is a free academic support program that is a peer-led group study, provided in a comfortable supportive atmosphere, where students learn to apply and work through course concepts and material. SI is a national program that specifies certain factors: SI Leaders must have earned an A in the class that they are leading, and must attend the class again, in addition to holding three to four SI sessions per week. SI leaders are expected to prepare additional problems, quizzes, etc. for their sessions. Many SI leaders also meet regularly with the faculty for the course. SI is intended to benefit all students and to be an opportunity for students to be proactive in the creation of subject-specific study groups, and in the review and clarification of course material. SI leaders do not help students with assigned homework.

Students do not need to pre-register to attend SI, and there is no charge associated with participation. The schedule is publicized with emails to the students enrolled in the course, through class announcements, and on the University Center for Academic Excellence website (  Assessment data shows that students who attend five or more sessions for one class, earn half to a full letter grade higher as compared to those who do not participate at all. For classes offered by the College of Engineering, we have also seen a reduction in the rate of students earning a D, F, or W for SI session attendees.